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Lawn Care Reviews: Memphis, TN & Northern MS | Master Lawn

As a wise consumer, you likely take the time to research your options when buying a product or a service. With so many marketing claims out there, you know that you have to dig a little deeper to feel confident that you’re making a wise choice. One of the ways that you might do this is through online reviews which provide the opportunity to see what other consumers think.

The same strategy can be applied to choosing a lawn care service. Taking the time to read through lawn care reviews can be incredibly helpful in narrowing down your options. After all, if you’ve already started the search for lawn care in Memphis, TN, and Northern MS, then you know there are a lot of companies to choose from.

Lawn care reviews can be an excellent validation process. It allows you to go beyond a company’s claims and confirm they’re actually true. Here are a few specific things to look for as you search for lawn care reviews near me.

What to Look for in Lawn Care Reviews

First and foremost, as you look at a company’s lawn care reviews, you should pay attention to the number of stars that they receive. The most popular online review site right now is Google Reviews, and they, like others, use a 5-star rating system.
master lawn google reviews
You want to find lawn care companies in Memphis, TN or Northern MS that have both a high number of stars (4.5 or higher for the cream of the crop) as well as a large quantity of reviewers. The combination of both is important as the more reviewers a company has, the more difficult it becomes to maintain a higher rating.

Of course, beyond the rating system, you also want to dig into the comments. What do people actually have to say about this company, their service, and their results?

Here are 3 things we recommend looking for as you read lawn care reviews.

1. Lawn Care Service Results

When people go to review a lawn care company it’s typically either because they’re very happy or unhappy with the results. The same is true about their customer experience, too, but we’ll talk about that next.

The very reason that you’re looking to hire a lawn care company is that you want to see results including a thicker, healthier, and greener lawn that is free of weeds. So, it’s obviously helpful to see what people have to say about the results they received.
Master Lawn Google review
At Master Lawn, we’re proud of the reviews people have written about their results using words like “green carpet,” or “dramatic change.” We know that it is frustrating to have a lackluster lawn and there’s nothing more rewarding to us than helping with this transformation process.

2. Customer Experience

Beyond the results, lawn care reviews will also definitely begin to reveal the “experience” that the customer has had with the company they’re reviewing. This is equally as important. Even if you were getting great results, we suspect you’d still want to switch lawn care companies if you were getting poor customer service.

In fact, as you read through reviews, you might also gain a sense of whether some of the reviewers were previously using another service and switched. For Master Lawn, several of our reviewers mention having used other lawn care services before switching, and now they’re much happier with their experience.

We’re also proud of reviews that say things like, “great service,” “professional,” “courteous,” “friendly,” and “reliable.”
Master Lawn lawn care review Memphis
As you read through reviews and get a sense of how the customer feels the experience has been, you might also pay attention to whether they say they’ve referred this company to others. Referrals are one of the greatest compliments as they mean a customer was so happy with the results and experience that they thought to recommend them to a family or friend. It’s a very authentic validation of how well a company is performing.

3. Customer Longevity

As you read through lawn care reviews, you can start to get a sense of how long customers have been with the company you’re considering. Do they have a lot of long-term, happy customers? This can be valuable information as customers who stick with a lawn care company/program for multiple years means they’re seeing the results and getting the service that they desire.
Master Lawn lawn care review
Conversely, when you see negative reviews pop up for a company you’re considering, is it a new customer? In lawn care, great results don’t happen overnight—something that Master Lawn has always been transparent about. A thick and green lawn, and one that is free of weeds, take a little bit of time. But if you trust the process, you’ll see the transformation. Even so, over the years, we have found that there are always some homeowners who expect to see a change quicker than possible.

At Master Lawn, we’re really proud of the fact that we have so many long-time clients who have been with us for multiple years—some even decades. In the lawn care industry, where turnover is often high and many folks jump around to different lawn care companies, we’re proud of our high customer retention rate.

Making the Best Decision for a Lawn Care Service

We understand that choosing a lawn care service can feel like a big task. There are a lot of companies to choose from and you may feel like you have a lot of research to do. But we commend you for putting this time in so that you can feel confident in making a wise choice.
lawn care technician spraying weed control
In addition to searching for lawn care reviews near me, you should also spend some time on the websites of any companies that you’re considering so that you can see what the companies are all about. Along with that, you can compare lawn care programs and understand exactly what you’ll be getting should you hire them.

At the end of the day, all of these efforts will pay off by helping you narrow down your choices and feel good about your final decision. At Master Lawn, we value the opportunity to play a role in guiding you toward making an educated choice. Whether you choose Master Lawn or not, we believe it makes our industry better when consumers are holding it to the highest standard.

If you’re ready to choose a lawn care company that cares about giving you the best results and service, then we want to help. Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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