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How to Compare Lawn Care Programs | Memphis & Olive Branch

Whenever you make a purchase in life, you want to understand what you’re getting for your investment. That’s how it ought to be—which is why nothing feels more frustrating than finding out about hidden costs or additional charges after the fact.

When it comes to choosing amongst lawn care programs, it’s no different. Chances are, you want to understand exactly what you’ll receive for your money. Unfortunately, it’s not always quite that simple.

With so many different lawn care companies in the Memphis, TN and Olive Branch, MS area and different ways that each of their lawn care programs are structured, you may have a difficult time deciding what is best. From how many lawn care visits each program offers to exactly what services they’ll perform, there’s a lot to consider.

Because we want you to be able to feel confident in where you’re investing your money, we’ll help you understand how to compare lawn care programs.

How to Review Lawn Care Companies and Their Programs

If you’ve ever searched online for lawn spray companies near me, then you know the choices in our region abound. One way to start narrowing down the selection is to look at each company’s program offerings. You’ll want to compare their programs in order to determine what’s right for you. As you compile some research, ask the following questions in order to help you weigh the options.

  • How many lawn care program options does this company offer?
  • How many lawn care visits does the company make?
  • What does each program include (the individual treatments on each visit)?
  • What does each program cost?

A Word About Visits and Pricing

Keep in mind that while it’s helpful to see the number of visits a lawn care company will be making to your property, it’s important to recognize that more visits do not automatically equate to better service. What really matters is what treatments are performed during those visits.

lawn with weeds that wasn't treated properly

Assuming those visits are worthwhile, how many times a lawn care technician visits your property can be beneficial. A well-trained technician keeping a regular eye on your property will bring you tremendous benefit by spotting problems early on and addressing them quickly.

You should also be careful about comparing lawn care programs based on price alone as there are reasons why one company might cost more than another. Of course, everyone has a budget and cost will obviously be an important factor in your decision.

Finding the Answers to Your Questions

Of course, the next big question is, how do I obtain all this information?

You would expect that it ought to be relatively easy. When companies list out this information it makes it much simpler to weigh one program against the next. You can literally look at them side-by-side and compare.

However, not all companies are quite so transparent. In fact, a lot of companies are intentionally vague on their website in regard to what their programs include. You may need to call and ask them to ask these specific questions if they aren’t readily forthcoming with that information. Even then, you need to be very careful about the information that you’re told. That’s because a lot of companies play a mean marketing game that sucks customers in. We’ll discuss that in more detail, next.

Beware of Hidden Costs and Marketing Schemes

As you perform your comparisons, you’ll very likely come across offers and deals aimed at landing your business. A lot of lawn care companies use marketing tactics to get you in the door but that fail to give you the complete picture of what you need (and what you’ll be receiving) for your lawn. Many lawn care companies offer vague pricing on their package making it unclear what you’ll actually wind up paying for a year’s worth of service.

Scam Alert written on the road

For instance, you should be wary of the “bait-and-switch game” that some lawn care companies like to play. They’ll sell you on a lawn care program that doesn’t include everything that you really need (knowing full well that you need it from the onset)—just to get your business. Once you’re a customer, you’ll find that you’re constantly being asked about add-on services that aren’t included in your original package.

Of course, there are issues that may legitimately come up after you’ve already joined a program and you may require additional services as a result.

But upselling is a very sneaky but common way that lawn care is often sold. Unfortunately, we think it’s one of the things that gives the industry a bad rap. Nobody likes feeling as though they’re only being told half the story.

But that’s not the kind of up-selling we’re talking about.

We find that a lot of lawn care companies fail to present and explain all of the options at the beginning in order to make their packages seem less expensive—even though they know their customers aren’t receiving everything they need. That leaves them to either have to settle for subpar results or add more services on at a later date (that should have been made known to them from the very beginning).

Be forewarned—if you’re looking at a lawn care company that offers a lot of “a la carte” services, as opposed to one with clearly defined packages, then you may be subject to lots of up-selling in your future. This can be incredibly frustrating for homeowners who just want to know that all the services they need are covered in their package from the onset.

Comparing Master Lawn’s Programs

At Master Lawn, we have three lawn care programs. Our basic program (Silver) covers all of the most common issues that your lawn will face on a yearly basis. Upgrading to the Gold program will add two turf disease control treatments and upgrading to the Platinum program shifts the service to an organic hybrid approach and adds core aeration. This is all clearly spelled out on our website as we believe that customers should know what they’re investing in.

Master Lawn Lawn Care programs and pricing

We understand that sales gimmicks are frustrating. We’ve all been there when a salesperson has tried to sell us on something that sounds too good to be true. It’s not a great feeling to be unsure whether you’re getting taken advantage of or not.

We don’t like the idea of the lawn care industry getting that sort of reputation. That’s why we’re committed to always being honest and transparent in what our programs offer. We’re always willing to answer your questions and you can rest assured we’re not hiding anything or playing games. You can’t count on us to tell you what you need.

As you’re comparing lawn care programs, we know that trust is everything and we take that seriously. We won’t compromise your trust by telling you anything other than the truth in regard to your lawn and what it needs.

If you’re ready to stop playing games with other companies and start getting down to business—and on your way to the lawn results you really desire—then let us help you. Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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