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Pest Control Barrier Program Pricing

Enjoy the Outdoors Pest-Free with the Pest (Control) Barrier Program

Unwanted pests invading your outdoor space? Don't let them disrupt your peace of mind and cherished moments with loved ones. Introducing Master Lawn's Pest Barrier Program – your ultimate defense against pests lurking in Memphis, TN, and Northern MS areas.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and itchy bites. Our Pest Barrier Program takes a proactive approach, creating an invisible shield around your home to keep pests at bay. Regain control of your outdoor living areas and enjoy time outside without fear of being interrupted by unwanted visitors.

Fleas, ticks, chiggers, chinch bugs, spittlebugs, leafhoppers, white flies, spiders, and other surface dwelling insects won't stand a chance against our targeted treatments. With Master Lawn's expert team on your side, you can rest assured that your family and friends will be protected from potential health risks associated with these pests.

Imagine hosting gatherings and making memories with a newfound sense of ease, knowing that your lawn and outdoor spaces are safeguarded by our Pest Control Barrier Program. Don't let pests dictate your plans. Take back control with our reliable, year-round protection.

Don't wait for pests to take over. Fortify your home and lawn with Master Lawn's Pest Barrier Program. Contact us today and bid farewell to pesky intruders, welcoming a haven of tranquility and enjoyment in your very own backyard.

Pest Barrier (Lawn Pest Control)

starting at
7 Treatments for 5,000 sq. ft. (5% off with pre-pay discount) 
This pest barrier program targets common resting areas for pests. The lawn pest control program starts in April and runs through October (about 25-30 days per treatment).
Pest Barrier Program 
  • Protects against unwanted pests
  • Kills pests on contact, throughout consecutive treatments
  • Addresses pest habitats like lawns and landscape beds
  • Drastically reduces pest population throughout property
  • Technicians will leave recommendations for other tips on pest prevention
  • Allows you to finally enjoy spending time outdoors again!