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3 Common Questions About Lawn Care Services in Memphis

If you are in search of a Memphis lawn service, you might have some lawn care questions. As someone who wants to be a wise consumer, you want to make sure that you are making the best choice for your property.

We often get asked a lot of different lawn care questions and are always ready to help. To provide some of the answers you might be looking for, we’ve rounded up some of the most common questions about Memphis lawn care.

1. Are All Memphis Lawn Care Programs Essentially the Same?

It’s not uncommon for people to assume that all lawn care programs must be similar or maybe even the same. But the truth is, there can be a lot of variations from one lawn care program to another.

This is why it’s important to take the time to do your research and understand what you’re investing in.


We actually wrote an article on how to compare lawn care programs that should help on this very topic.

As you perform your comparisons, keep in mind that while it’s helpful to see the number of visits a lawn care company will be making to your property, it’s important to recognize that more visits do not automatically equate to better service.

What really matters is what treatments are performed during those visits.

Lawn care technician spreads fertilizer with walk behind spreader near pool

You want to make sure that you are choosing a Memphis lawn service that offers comprehensive lawn care programs that will fulfill all of your lawn’s needs.

It helps when a lawn care company does group those services into programs rather than making your choose everything a la carte. Then you can feel confident your lawn is getting everything it needs.

2. Why Is One Memphis Lawn Service More Expensive than Another?

A lot of lawn care questions have to do with pricing. We get it…you want to make sure that you are spending your money wisely. But as we said in the point above, not all lawn care programs are created equally, so you cannot expect them to cost the same.

It can be tempting to shop on price but this will likely set you up for disappointment. If it were true that all lawn care companies were offering the same thing, then shopping on price might make sense. But that’s simply not the case.

lawn care technician fertilizes lawn

That’s why it’s so important to shop on value and to understand what you are getting for your investment.

There are many factors that affect lawn care cost including the level of experience and training of the lawn care technicians, the products being used, and even the customer support that you’ll receive. Oftentimes, if there is a cheaper price out there, there’s a good reason why. It might be that they use subpar products or offer subpar service.

In the end, it’s usually worth paying a little bit more and getting more value for your investment.

3. Are Professional Memphis Lawn Services Really Worth It?

This is another question that we sometimes hear. People want to know whether it’s really worth paying for professional lawn care when many of the services might seem like things they could do on their own.

We appreciate that you want to spend your money wisely. That’s why we’ve written a thorough article on why DIY lawn care is not always a good idea. If this is something that you are considering, you want to make sure that you are prepared in terms of what to expect.

homeowner pumps weed control sprayer

The truth is, it’s often a lot more complicated than people realize. There are elements of chemistry, biology, and even microbiology at play. A lot of homeowners who attempt DIY lawn care wind up feeling like they are “in over their heads” when problems arise.

It’s also not as though DIY lawn care is exactly free, either. We know that people sometimes choose this route because they want to save money. But there is still a lot of expense involved in purchasing all of the products that you’ll need.

Plus, a major value of hiring a lawn care company is that you’ll have trained technicians keeping a close eye on your lawn. They’ll be able to diagnose and solve problems if something like a pest or disease concern arises. It can be very difficult to understand what might be wrong with your lawn.

But when potential problems are spotted and addressed early, it can save you time and money in the long run.

Choose a Memphis Lawn Services That is Worth Your Investment

Choosing a Memphis lawn service might seem like a daunting task. But when you understand what you’re investing in, the entire process can seem a little less intimidating.

Do your research and look for a company that is “worth investing in.” Make sure that you are getting a comprehensive lawn care program and a company that is going to be able to offer you the best service.

The bottom line is that you don’t have time for the hassles or headaches associated with using a poor-quality company or having to tackle lawn care on your own. By choosing the right lawn care professional, you can feel confident that you’re investing in great results and overall peace of mind.

In the end, that makes lawn services worth it.

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