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The Battle of the Best Lawn Care Companies in Memphis: Who's the Real Champ?

Let’s be honest—there is no shortage of lawn care companies in Memphis. If you’ve taken any time to search the Internet for “the best lawn care companies near me,” then you already know your choices are plenty.

Because of that, finding the best lawn care company might feel a bit more confusing than you anticipated.

You want to choose wisely, but you may not know what to look for. With so many different companies making different claims out there—and likely no idea how to differentiate one from the next—you might be unsure how to choose a winner.

best lawn care services memphis

We get it—and we’re not trying to pretend we’re your only choice. We know that we have a lot of worthy competition out there. We also recognize that we’re often matched up against other companies as homeowners weigh their options and try to find the real champ.

While you may want to look at companies head-to-head, we also know that you might not be sure who to compare.

That’s why we’ve rounded up an honest list of some of the best lawn care companies in Memphis and what you should know about them. We hope that a battle of the best will help you to determine who will be the lawn care company you’re rooting for.

The Best Lawn Care Companies in Memphis

When it comes to lawn care companies in Memphis, here are the companies that you’re most likely to choose from. All of these are big names in the Memphis area.

TruGreen Memphis

Chances are, you’ve heard the name TruGreen. This large, national lawn care brand happens to be headquartered in Memphis but has branches across the United States—more than 200 of them, actually. TruGreen services 2.3 million customers.

BeautyLawn Spray, Inc.

BeautyLawn Spray is another big name in our area. The company has been servicing the mid-south for nearly 50 years and works with more than 6,000 customers.

Herbi-Systems Memphis

Founded by owner Kenny Crenshaw, Herbi-Systems is another well-known name and formidable contender. Herbi-Systems is the largest locally owned lawn care company in the Greater Memphis area.

Southern Spray Memphis

Founded in 1972, Southern Spray is a locally-owned and operated lawn care business. It has offices in both Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee.

Fairway Lawns Memphis

Fairway Lawns began as a ChemLawn franchise by Bob Rice. In 1993, ChemLawn was purchased by ServiceMaster, and Rice made the decision not to renew the franchise agreement, thus becoming Fairway Lawns. The company has since opened additional branches and expanded into pest control, such as termite services.

How Master Lawn Compares to the Best Lawn Care Companies in Memphis

Instead of giving you the blow-by-blow of each little detail that might be different about these contenders, we’ll just tell you what stands out the most. There are three key differentiators that sets Master Lawn apart.

beautiful lawn treated by lawn care company in memphis

Size of Our Lawn Care Company

Many of these companies are heavyweights, servicing thousands upon thousands of customers. While that model might work for them, we  prefer to stay at a size in which we can still really get to know our customers on a personal level. That’s harder to do when you get huge. Our technicians build relationships with customers and when they have a question or a need, they can call them directly and get answers.

While we’re not an enormous lawn care company, we’re not tiny either. We feel that we’re just the right size to have the resources that our customers need while not being so big that we’re out of touch.

Longtime Employees

Another key differentiator is that we work hard to make jobs at Master Lawn more than just jobs. We’re looking for employees who want to make it a career. We encourage retention and longevity with competitive pay and a great work culture. That benefits the customer as they get technicians on their property that have been with the company for a long time.


Our average is a tenure of around 6 years, however, we have employees who have been with the company for as long as 20 years.

That’s almost unheard of at many other places.

In fact, other large companies are known for a revolving door of employees, meaning you never know who's going to show up on your lawn. It could be several different technicians on your lawn throughout the year.

Customer Service

We strive for the very best in customer service and feel that our mid-range size also allows us to actually provide it. Whether it’s a technician, a manager, or a member of our support staff, you can expect the best customer service from any Master Lawn employee that you work with.

family enjoying a well-cared-for lawn

Of course, a lot of companies say their customer service is great. Maybe a lot of companies even think their customer service is great. But what a lot of companies fail to do is actually get to know their customers. They’re just too big to make that a reality.

We’ve heard from clients who have switched that communicating with those huge companies is a challenge. When they phone their call center, they may get a different person on the line every single time.That means feeling as though they’re “starting over” and explaining their issues each and every time they call. It can be incredibly frustrating.

But we want our technicians to get to know their customers. We want them to get to know the properties they service, too. We teach our technicians to always look out for the customer and their property. In that way, we almost view ourselves as property managers, even when it’s regarding services we don’t offer.

We’re not just out to sell you services, we truly want to help keep your property looking its best. That means that if we spot a broken gutter on your property, we’re going to let you know. Even though it’s not a service we offer, we’ll point you in the right direction and make sure you know how to get it fixed.

In other words, we’re not just spraying your lawn and hanging an invoice.

Choosing the Best Lawn Care Company Near Me

We commend you for the time you’re spending comparing companies in your quest to choose the best. In a market like Memphis, that’s no small feat. Of course, we hope that you’ll avoid the inclination to just choose a name you know.

That can be tempting. A lot of the big chains have great marketing campaigns and a lot of people know their name.

green healthy lawn cared for by lawn care company in Memphis

But does that really make them the best lawn care company in Memphis?

The fact is, you want more than just a name that everyone knows. After all, you’re out for bragging rights on your fantastic lawn that sets the bar high for everyone else in the neighborhood. You don’t really care about bragging rights about having used a big-name company—especially one that doesn’t deliver on their promises. There’s nothing worse than trusting a professional, investing in their services, and having nothing to show for it.

boy-boxing-gloves-grassIn the battle of the best lawn care companies in Memphis, we obviously want to come out on top. But it’s not actually so much about being the top contender as it is delivering the highest quality results—for you.

After all is said and done, and we’ve transformed your lawn into a spectacle of beauty, we’re not the one who is real champ here. That is you, from making an informed decision.

Ready to learn why Master Lawn could be your choice for the best lawn care company in Memphis? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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