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Maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn in Southaven, MS can be challenging due to the area's seasonal climate changes. To ensure your lawn stays in excellent condition throughout the year, it's recommended to use lawn spray regularly to control weeds, and employ aeration techniques to minimize thatch buildup and provide essential oxygen for healthy soil growth. Along with routine mowing and fertilization, you may also want to consider overseeding, dethatching, tree and shrub care, and a soil analysis to achieve optimal results. Lawn care professionals in Southaven, such as those at Master Lawn, can provide valuable advice on how to maintain a lush lawn while ensuring your yard can still benefit from the water available after heavy summer rainfall.

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Does Master Lawn in Southaven have any coupons or discounts?

Master Lawn is currently offering a FREE first treatment with putting a credit card on file. We offer  other discounts on our Starter, Pro and Master programs as well! Visit our lawn care pricing page to learn more about our discounts and deals! 

What does lawn spray & fertilization mean and do you offer in Southaven, MS?

Lawn spray and fertilization involves treating your grass (or turf) to offer weed control, reduce grubs and produce a full, healthy, green lawn. Yes, Master Lawn offers lawn spray and lawn fertilization services in Southaven and the surrounding areas.

Do you offer aeration in Southaven?

Yes! Master Lawn offers aeration services in Southaven and it’s suggested to get this service at least once a year (twice depending on grass type).

Do you cut the grass in Southaven?

Master Lawn does not currently mow or cut grass in Southaven, but we love to help partners with those who have a mowing service and/or cut their own grass.

How long do results take?

Results can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to truly see results (and this is seasonally dependent). Much like treatments on anything, the more treatments you get, the more likely your lawn will have all of the right nutrients to grow a lush, healthy, green turf.

Can you just get one lawn treatment?

While you can get only one lawn treatment, we do not suggest getting just one treatment as it will only do a fraction of what the entire program will do. We highly suggest going through at least one full season to see results.

How long does it take to get scheduled

We can get you scheduled today! If you request a free quote here for us to look up all of your home information or call (901) 854-1888 during normal business hours, we will likely be able to give you a quote on the same day!