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Fire Ant Control Pricing

Win the Battle Against Ants With Our Ant & Fire Ant Control Program!

Are ants marching their way into your home and garden, wreaking havoc on your peace and property? Don't let these tiny invaders take control of your lawn! Master Lawn's Ant Control Program is your powerful solution to reclaiming a pest-free environment in the Memphis, TN, and Northern, MS areas.

Say goodbye to the relentless march of ants and hello to a home free from their unwelcome presence. Our proactive approach targets ant colonies at the source, ensuring they don't stand a chance against our expert team.

Imagine a home where you can store food without worry, where garden plants flourish without interference, and where you can enjoy every corner of your property without being overrun by ants. With Master Lawn's Ant & Fire Ant Control Program, that vision can become your reality.

Invest in the comfort and well-being of your home today. Contact us today and let our Ant & Fire Ant Control Program be your shield against unwanted ant invasions. Say farewell to ants and welcome a harmonious, pest-free living environment with Master Lawn's Ant & Fire Ant Control Program in the entire Memphis and Northern Mississippi area.

Fire Ant Control Pricing

starting at
2 Treatments for 3,000 sq. ft. (5% off with pre-pay discount) 
Spring and Fall are the perfect times to apply fire ant treatments to get your lawn ready for summer and throughout the rest of the year.
Fire Ant Control Program  
  • Protects against unwanted ants
  • Kills ants, fire ants, and their colonies
  • Drastically reduces ant population throughout property
  • Lawn Care Specialists will leave recommendations for other tips on ant and fire ant prevention
  • Allows you to finally enjoy your garden or the outdoors again!