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How To Keep Your Neighbor's Weeds Out of Your Yard

If you’re someone who cares about having a healthy, weed-free lawn, you might have invested time and money into keeping invaders out. But despite your best efforts, perhaps your neighbors’ weeds are growing toward your yard.

You might be wondering how to stop the neighbor’s weeds!

We understand that this is a difficult situation. Even if you’re doing all the right things, your neighbor’s lawn might cause you trouble. While there’s no easy answer to this problem, in this article, we’ll talk about a few things that you can try.

Focus on What You Can Control

Do you find yourself lamenting The neighbors weeds growing into my yard! We absolutely understand how frustrating this can be. But it’s important to shift your perspective to what you have actual control over, which is your yard.

The fact is, the healthier your lawn is, the better it can defend itself against weeds. Weeds are opportunistic invaders and will take the path of least resistance. When they grow, they don’t want to compete against thick and healthy turf.

Healthy lawn with lamp for master lawn

So, they tend to creep into thin or bare areas, where there isn’t as much healthy grass growing.

If you take steps to keep your lawn in great shape, you’ll make it a lot more difficult for weeds to invade.

That being said, even a thick turf won’t prevent ALL weeds. If you already have neighbors weeds growing into the yard, then you’ll also want to make sure a solid weed control program is part of your overall lawn care.

lawn care technician spraying grass for weeds

A good weed control program will help to ensure that weeds are addressed swiftly and effectively.

It’s important to find a lawn care company that offers a customized weed control program, specifically targeting the weeds that end up on your property. Certain weeds, like nutsedge as an example, require specialty controls. That’s why you want a weed control program that includes an array of products and solutions.

How to Keep Neighbor's Weeds Out of My Yard

We understand that it’s not always easy to keep your focus on what you control (your own yard). So, we do want to talk about a few other approaches you could consider if you are trying to stop the neighbor's weeds.

Create a Barrier

For one, you could create a physical barrier between your yards. While some people ask us if a fence will stop weeds, it will not. That’s because many weeds grow by “creeping,” so they’ll just creep right under the fence.

But you could create a mulched area that separates your yard from the neighbor’s. It’s a lot easier to tackle weeds that creep into a mulch bed than it is to have them spread throughout the lawn. You’ll be able to spot treat individual weeds when they creep onto your side.

Communicate your Concerns

You might also consider talking to your neighbor about the problem. We understand this is sometimes easier said than done, but it’s at least worth a shot. If you’re really happy with your lawn care program, you might consider talking to your neighbor about how well it has worked for you.

At the very least, you should communicate your concerns. Perhaps your neighbor doesn’t realize how much the weeds bother you.

Provide Helpful Information

It’s also possible that they might even be misinformed about lawn care.

Many people don’t sign up for lawn care because they have come to believe myths about lawns being bad for the environment.

In reality, a healthy lawn has many benefits, including environmental ones.

Healthy lawns create oxygen, trap dust and dirt, capture stormwater pollutants, and even act as natural air conditioners.

Sometimes simply having a conversation with a neighbor can be the difference you were hoping to make. They might even come to understand that the condition of their lawn affects your property value, too. Your great-looking lawn is helping to increase their property value, and they might want to do the same.

Feel Good About Your Own Choices

Hopefully this has given at least some insight into how to stop neighbor's weeds.

Like we said from the beginning, there really is no simple solution. Short of offering to pay for your neighbor’s lawn care, there might be no way to convince a neighbor that doesn’t care about their lawn to take action.

While it would be nice to be surrounded by neighbors who care about their lawn as much as you do, shifting your focus to your own property, and what you can do about it, will help. If you keep your lawn in the best possible shape, it’s going to be able to resist weeds creeping in.

Plus, it just might inspire others to follow suit. At the end of the day, most people do want a property that they can be proud of. When people see how great your lawn looks, they might want to know how they can get those results, too.

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