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Plant Health Care Services

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Tree and Shrub Care Services

The trees and shrubs that make up your landscape are important to you. They provide aesthetic appeal, shade, privacy, and even sentimental value. But unfortunately, despite your best efforts, tree and shrub problems will still arise. Diseases and pests will creep in—and environmental stressors may even begin to take a toll on your beloved plants.

Because of these problems, you could end up losing a valuable plant and having a hole in your landscape.

That’s why you need tree and shrub care services.

Think of it as a protection of your investment in your landscape. When it comes to something as important as the plants that make up your property’s landscaping, you don’t want to take a “wait and see” approach. You’d rather be proactive and aim to prevent problems when you can.

This is how tree and shrub services in Memphis, TN, and Olive Branch, MS can be so valuable.

Protect Your Trees and Shrubs

While there are a lot of potential problems that can plague the trees and shrubs in our region, the good news is that many of them can be prevented before they become a major issue. Plant Health Care services in Memphis, TN, and Olive Branch, MS do the critical work of fighting back against diseases, pests, and even environmental stressors that can cause plants to decline and possibly even die.

There are three main components to tree and shrub care. Let’s look at each.

Tree and Shrub Disease Control

When trees and shrubs become infected with disease, they can begin to look sickly and decline in health. Tree and shrub diseases manifest with a number of potential symptoms including lesions, sticky substances, premature leaf drop, discoloration, an overall decline in performance - and more.

plant health care technician spraying shrubs

There are many possible tree and shrub diseases that can plague your plants including leaf spot diseases, blight, powdery mildew, and more.

While some diseases aren’t curable, the good news is that with tree and shrub care services, which include disease control, plants have the power to fight back and prevent the problem from getting much worse. That’s not to say that it’s a “magic bullet,” or a “fix-all” solution. But it can play an incredibly valuable role in protecting your trees and shrubs from being ravaged by disease.

The plant’s overall health is a major factor in how well it can defend against threats like a disease. Think of it like an immune system. You want your plant to go into any fight against disease as strong as possible so that it doesn’t fall majorly ill.

This is what tree and shrub care can do.

Insect and Mite Control

Insects and mites are another major threat to the health of plants.

There may be a variety of potential pest threats lurking in your landscape including lace bugs, leaf miners, aphids, bagworms, scale, and spider mites to name just some that we commonly see in Memphis, TN, and Olive Branch, MS. These pests harm your plants by consuming foliage or sucking up vital plant juices from within the plant.

Insect damaging plants

An infestation of pests can cause significant damage to your plants.

Fortunately, protection can be found with tree and shrub care services. In terms of insect and mite control, a Plant Health Care program may include both preventative and curative treatments. If there are existing pest infestations, treating curatively can tackle these issues. Then, going forward, tree and shrub care can help to prevent future problems with preventative treatments.

Rather than risk losing your plants to these problems, proactive measures can help grant you the peace of mind that your plants are protected.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Another important component of tree and shrub care services is fertilization. Many homeowners assume that once planted, trees and shrubs are self-sustaining. In reality, the soil is typically lacking in vital nutrients that these plants need to perform their best. But tree and shrub fertilizer provides plants with the essential nutrients that they need to thrive.

This can help a plant to grow stronger and healthier. While fertilization won’t prevent or cure an insect or disease problem (as mentioned, we use other treatments for such issues), it can help trees and shrubs to become more naturally resistant to these threats. A healthier plant can better stand up to problems.

The same is true for environmental stressors such as drought or extreme temperatures. A healthier tree or shrub will be more likely to withstand difficult conditions.

Wishing for healthier plants? We can help.

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FAQs About Tree and Shrub Care Services

We know that many homeowners have questions about Plant Health Care services. You want to understand what it can—and can’t do. We commend you for wanting to be an educated consumer. That’s why we’re sharing some of the most commonly asked questions about this service and the answers you’re seeking.

Tree and Shrub Care Tips for Memphis, TN Homeowners

We understand that you want to get the most out of a tree and shrub care service. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of some helpful tips.

Understand that Nothing Can Overcome Planting Mistakes

We already mentioned that tree and shrub care is not a “fix-all” or a “magic bullet” to a major problem that is already significantly underway. But that problem can also be related to the way in which the plant was installed in the first place. 

One of the leading causes of a tree and shrub problem comes down to improper installation. Even something as seemingly minor as planting depth can impact a plant’s health—and tree and shrub care can’t just fix that. This is why it’s incredibly important that trees and shrubs are planted properly.

There is More to Plant Health than a Plant Health Care Program

We always like to emphasize just how important cultural practices are to a plant’s health. Watering and proper pruning are two additional factors that can impact health (either positively or negatively). If you notice your trees and shrubs are struggling or even turning yellow, they might not be receiving ample water.

Similarly, pruning improperly can cause injuries which Plant Health Care may not be able to overcome.

When it comes to your plant’s health, it’s so important that they are watered and pruned properly, too.

Choosing a Great Plant Health Care Company is Key

Ultimately, getting the most out of a Plant Health Care program boils down to choosing a great landscaping company. They should be well trained, use high-quality professional-grade products, and only incorporate best practices.

With a top-notch Plant Health Care company on your side, you’ll also get the added benefit of having a professional eye on your property that can detect and properly diagnose problems early on.

At the end of the day, you just want to know that your plants are getting what they need so that you can gain peace of mind. At Master Lawn, that’s exactly what we can offer. 

Your Plant Health Care wishes are our command.

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Wish you had healthier plants? We can help.

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