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3 Steps to Cancel Your Lawn Service + Tips to Find Better Lawn Care Experts in Memphis, TN or Northern MS

Are you thinking about how to cancel your lawn care service? Whether you’ve been unhappy with the results or maybe the overall experience of working with your company, you might be looking into making a change. After all, when you’re paying good money for a professional service, you deserve to be happy.

To help give you a sense of what’s involved when you cancel a lawn service in Memphis TN or Northern MS, as well as what will best set you up for success going forward, we’ve rounded up the steps you should take. The last thing that we want to see is for you to continue to be unhappy or to fall into a trap!lawn care technician aerating

Step 1: Give Your Lawn Service a Chance to Make it Right

You might be surprised to see this on a list of steps to cancel a lawn service, but if you have problems that you can give your lawn care company a chance to fix, then it’s worth giving them that opportunity. Even the best companies sometimes make mistakes and it’s how they handle those mistakes that really shows how much they care about their clients.

Of course, most people do give companies a chance to “make a wrong right” before they decide to cancel. And unfortunately, a lot of lawn services fail to fix the problems that their clients are telling them about. Instead, they just pile on a list of excuses.

So, let’s assume you’ve already given your lawn care company a chance and you’re ready to cancel.

If that’s the case, here are the next steps to take.

Step 2: Start Your Research to Find a New Lawn Care Company

If you are planning to cancel a lawn service, it’s important that you have a new one lined up so that there is no huge overlap in the care that your lawn is receiving. Even if you cancel at the end of the season, if you put this task on the back burner, you might not hire someone in time for the next season. Here in Memphis, TN, and Northern MS, our “off-season” is short and you don’t want to miss any important services that your lawn might need in the early spring such as vital pre-emergent controls to prevent weed growth.
lawn care technician inspecting yard
That means you should get your search for a new lawn care company underway promptly.

We know that there are a lot of companies to choose from, but it’s important that you’re diligent about researching your options or you run the risk of ending up right back where you are now (unhappy with your service and/or results). Taking the time to do the research will help you to feel confident that you’re making a good choice in choosing a new company.

One place that you might “land” as you perform this research is on a third-party site like HomeAdvisor or Thumbtack, just keep in mind that these are lead generating providers that are paid by local companies for leads.

The best way to truly compare companies is to spend time on their websites and read online reviews. You will also want to spend some time comparing the actual lawn care programs offered by any company that you’re considering.
lawn care technician spraying weed control
Putting in this type of research can help you get the clearest possible picture of what the company is all about. Once you’ve put in the research and you feel confident in your decision, you’ll want to choose a company that you plan to hire.

Step 3: Call and Cancel Your Lawn Service

Once you know that you have a company lined up that can replace your current lawn service, now you need to go ahead and make your cancellation official. We know that this final step may feel intimidating and one that you might have put off so we want you to feel prepared

First, you should understand that your lawn care company might try to fight the fact that you’re leaving. Keep in mind why you’ve decided to cancel in the first place. If you truly started at step one and already gave them a chance (or many chances) to fix the problems, you should feel confident in moving forward with the cancellation. Remember, they’ve already had the chance to make this right.

Of course, some companies will go even further and drop their price or offer free services just to try and keep you around. This should raise a red flag. If there was more they could have already been doing for you, why didn’t they? If your service or your results were poor, that’s not going to suddenly change just because you’re willing not to cancel for a cheaper price or some added incentive.

In addition to making the phone call to cancel your lawn service, we’d also advise that you put the cancellation request in writing by sending a follow-up email, confirming that you are canceling. We’ve heard some horror stories of lawn care companies who have “refused” (or “forgot”) to accept a cancellation. When a new season rolled around, suddenly two lawn care services were showing up!

Make sure that you cover all of your bases so that there can be no question surrounding the fact that you canceled this service. You could also ask for a cancellation number or some sort of other proof that this request was received and is being processed. This might come in the form of an email or letter.

Once you’ve taken care of this cancellation, you can then hire the lawn service you’ve selected to take your previous service’s place.

As You Make the Switch...

As you make the switch to a new lawn care service, you want to feel confident that all of the research you did at the front end will help prevent you from winding up back where you are now (exploring how to cancel a lawn service).

As you consider making the switch, we’d love for you to keep Master Lawn in mind. We’re a company that is truly committed to taking our clients’ lawn care wishes and making them our command so that they are happy with both their results and the service we provide.
Master Lawn lawn care
At the end of the day, the time that you’re putting in now will help you feel confident that you’re getting your lawn (and your overall customer experience) back on track!

If you’re ready to choose a lawn care company that cares about giving you the best results and service, then we want to help. Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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