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5 Reasons Why DIY Lawn Care Could Leave You Holding the Bag of Wasted Time & Money

These days, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to attempt DIY lawn care. With so many different products advertised, it’s made to seem like a relatively easy task to manage your lawn’s needs such as fertilization and weed control. You might even wonder why you should spend money on something that you could do yourself.

Whether you’ve attempted DIY lawn care before or you’re considering it for the first time, you’re probably interested in understanding what’s involved in getting the best possible results. 

Perhaps you’ve tried it before, weren’t totally satisfied, but think that you can do better. Maybe you just need a better DIY lawn fertilizer product or a different DIY lawn weed killer.

But the truth is, it’s not just you. We’ve talked to hundreds of other clients who have attempted a DIY approach and were left feeling like they’d wasted their time and money. 

Because we don’t want you feeling like you’ve lost valuable time or money, we’re rounding up some honest reasons why you might want to reconsider a DIY approach.

1. Lawn Care is Complex

Lawn care is a lot more involved than just tossing down a little weed and feed when the lawn is looking dull. There are elements of chemistry, biology, and even microbiology at play. A lot of homeowners who attempt DIY lawn care wind up feeling like they are “in over their heads” when problems arise.

damaged lawn

Oftentimes this includes worrying about making a mistake that will make the lawn look worse. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a mistake for homeowners to recognize that they should have just hired a professional lawn care service in the Memphis, TN or Northern MS area. 

Using the wrong product or applying it improperly can cause damage that is going to set you back from the results that you desire. Now that problem needs to be corrected before you can get back on track for great lawn results.

Potential lawn problems are also complex. Symptoms like discoloration, thinning, or lesions can leave you scratching your head trying to figure out what’s wrong. 

The problem could be related to various diseases, pests, or even environmental factors and making the proper diagnosis will be key to getting back on track. But most homeowners aren’t trained to know which symptoms might indicate which problems and an improper diagnosis can send you way off course or even make your problem worse.

2. DIY Lawn Care is Time Consuming

When you first start out, you might be enthusiastic about tackling your own lawn care and assume that it’s a simple weekend project. But the fact is, life can get busy and you’re not going to feel like spending your precious free time performing lawn care tasks when you could be investing your time in a better way.

Homeowners who have started performing their own lawn care often end up realizing that it’s more work than they bargained for, particularly if they want really spectacular results. 

Getting your lawn into great shape takes quite a big investment of time. If most of your free time falls on the weekend or evenings, you also have to consider the fact that Mother Nature is not always going to cooperate with your schedule. But hiring a dependable lawn care service in Memphis, TN or Northern MS means the burden is on them to work around the weather. 

3. Lawn Care Can be Dangerous and Labor-Intensive 

While lawn care pros are trained to handle and apply materials properly and safely, as a homeowner, you might be worried about making a mistake (such as a spill), which could jeopardize your safety in some way. 

On top of that, you also have to make sure that you’re safely storing these products when they’re not in use. Now the burden is on you to make sure that any leftover product is out of the reach of children or pets that could get into it. 


Of course, there’s also the labor factor to consider. You probably already know that lawn care is very labor-intensive and can take a physical toll. Even having to go get materials at the store can be a hassle over time. Homeowners have told us that picking up a few heavy bags of DIY lawn fertilizer at the store and hauling it home was a hassle that they were happy to get rid of when hiring a pro! 

4. DIY Lawn Care Products are Subpar

If you’re purchasing your DIY lawn weed killer products or fertilizer products at the local box store, you’re not using the same high-quality, commercial-grade products that a professional will have access to. That might leave you constantly spending money trying to find a solution that works when in reality, it’s just that the products aren’t as effective as those used by a pro.

Weed control isn’t just weed control and the same can be said of other materials. There are many different formulations and grades of products.

When a product doesn’t work, it’s not like you can just bring it back to the store and return it. There’s no guarantee. But when you hire a professional lawn care company, the onus is on them to make sure that they’re getting great results.

5. DIY Lawn Care has Hidden Costs

Most likely your biggest reason for tackling DIY lawn care is to save money. But lawn care is more costly than homeowners often think. Once they start investing in equipment and products, the costs can really start adding up and getting closer and closer to what they would have paid to just hire a pro.

In fact, you could ultimately end up losing money if you make mistakes. Whether it’s choosing the wrong products (as we mentioned) or trying to solve a lawn problem that arises, many DIYers end up getting an expensive lesson when something goes awry and they need to bring in a professional anyhow. Had they just started with a pro in the first place, they’d likely already be getting great results as opposed to now having to fix problems they created.

Choosing a Lawn Care Company in Memphis, TN or Northern MS 

We’ve heard too many stories of homeowners who are frustrated by the waste of time and money that they’ve invested in unsuccessful DIY lawn care and we’d hate to see you making some of the same mistakes. 


You don’t have time for hassles, headaches, and mistakes just to try and save a few dollars. Instead, by choosing to work with a professional, you’ll not only feel like you’re investing in great results but also peace of mind—and that’s invaluable. 

Wish you could stop worrying about wasting your time and money on DIY lawn care at your Memphis, TN or Northern Mississippi home? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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Michael Hatcher

Michael Hatcher is Founder / Chairman of Michael Hatcher & Associates.

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