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3 Tips for Keeping Grass Out of Mulch, Rocks, & Flower Beds at Your Memphis, TN or Northern MS Home

A weed is defined as a “plant growing in the wrong place.”

That means that although we might love our grass in their desired lawn areas when it creeps into flower beds it can be a major frustration.

Unfortunately, Bermudagrass and Zoysia, both predominant species here in Memphis, TN, and Northern MS, are prone to spreading—and that includes into flower beds. These species’ ability to grow quickly is something that they’re appreciated for in lawns.

But in flower beds, it can be a big frustration.

That’s why we’ve rounded up a few tips for keeping grass out of flower beds. After all, you want a great-looking landscape and unwanted grass popping up and spreading throughout it will detract from the aesthetic appeal.

1. Implementing a Weed Control Solution for Keeping Grass out of Mulch

One of the best ways to keep grass, or any other weeds for that matter, out of your plant beds is with an effective Weed & Feed program that includes the use of specialized weed control products.

We find that a lot of homeowners assume they cannot use weed control products in their plant beds or it will harm their flowers. However, we have specialty chemicals that we can spray over the top of shrubs and ornamentals that will only kill the unwanted growth without injuring desirable plants.
Spraying landscape beds for weeds
These specialty controls, along with the use of pre-emergent products that help prevent these grasses from growing in the first place, are going to be your number one way of keeping grass out of flower beds.

Of course, not every flower bed is the same and different grasses may be creeping in, depending upon what’s in your lawn (or your neighbors’ lawns). The key is that our technicians are trained to identify what you’re dealing with and implement the right specialty control product to address it.

Monkey Grass and Nutsedge are two additional unwanted grassy weeds that tend to pop up in plant beds. We can mix up a specialized product to address these, too. You should be able to enjoy your plant beds to the fullest without unwanted grasses spreading throughout them.

2. Make Sure Your Lawn is Well-Cared For, Too

Of course, you also want to make sure that you’re taking optimal care of your lawn, too. While that won’t necessarily keep your desired Zoysia and Bermudagrass from spreading, it will prevent unwanted weeds from popping up in the turf and then potentially spreading into plant beds.
lawn care weed prevention spraying
There are a number of unwanted grassy weeds that we struggle with here in Memphis, TN, and Northern MS. These grasses are aggressive growers and can spread rapidly across the lawn and end up in plant beds, too. Therefore, it can’t be ignored that in order to keep your plant beds in pristine condition, it really does help to take the best care of your lawn, too.

3. Edging for Keeping Grass out of Flower Beds

While weed control products are going to be your best solution for keeping grass out of mulch or rocks, an additional landscaping step that you can take is to make sure that you also edge your plant beds.

Edging is the process of creating delineation between your lawn and your landscape beds. Most people think of edging as an aesthetic addition—and it certainly is. Having a clean, crisp line that defines your plant beds can really contribute to an overall neat and tidy property.

But edging has a functional benefit, too. It can help prevent mulch from washing out into your lawn. And, it can also add a physical barrier that makes it more difficult for the grasses (or weeds) in your lawn to creep into your plant beds.

There are different types of edging materials that can be used to create an edge like edging stone or steel edging. Or, you might even have an edge cut into your plant beds for a more natural look. One product that we’d advise against is the cheap plastic edging that you can pick up at the local hardware store. That material never holds up and might even create hassles when mowing.
Edging along a landscape bed to prevent the spread of grass and weeds
Edging is a simple enough idea but it’s not as easy as homeowners often assume it will be to create a really crisp and clean look. If you want your edging professionally done (perhaps at the same time as mulching), we can connect you with our sister company, Michael Hatcher & Associates. This will help you get a really professional-looking plant bed while also having the added benefit of keeping grass out of mulch.

Let Your Plant Bed Worries be Our Concern (Not Yours!)

The problem with keeping grass out of mulch boils down to a landscaping worry that you just don’t want to have to deal with. You want to have a great looking landscape without any of the hassles that can be associated with it.

That’s why it will benefit you to hand these worries over to us.technician inspecting plants
With our Landscaping Weed & Feed program, we’ll not only address unwanted grasses (and other weeds) in your plant beds, but we’ll make sure your desired plant material is receiving optimal nutrition to grow and perform its best. This includes the use of organic, probiotic soil additives that will help improve your plants’ color, vigor, and root health.

The addition of these soil additives will also strengthen your plants’ ability to fight off disease and pests. That means you’ll have plant beds with fewer weeds and overall healthier plants!

And, with us handling your lawn care, too, you’ll really have a property that you can be proud of. Your desired grass will grow thick and healthy where it's meant to and your plant beds won’t be overrun by unwanted grasses. In the end, it's a win all around.

Are you looking for weed control for your plant beds that really works? Talk to one of our experts about adding a Landscaping Weed & Feed program so that you can become the master of your lawn and landscape.

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Michael Hatcher

Michael Hatcher is president of Michael Hatcher & Associates.

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