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Foxtail Grass: What it Looks Like and How to Get Rid of It

Did you ever notice that some weeds have adorable names? Dandelion, Buttonweed, and Goosegrass all sound pretty cute, but they’re actually a major source of frustration and headaches. The same is true for Foxtail grass.

If you think you may have Foxtail grass growing in your lawn, we’ve got you covered with all of the essential information including how to identify and how to get rid of Foxtail grass.

What Does Foxtail Grass Look Like?

First and foremost, let’s cover Foxtail grass identification because dealing with any weed should always start with proper identification.

As you might have guessed, Foxtail grass got its name because of its resemblance to a fox’s tail. It has a “fluffy” top and a long stem. For this same reason, it really sticks out in an otherwise healthy lawn.

Foxtail lawn weed

Foxtail is an annual summer grassy weed and it comes in three different types: yellow, green, and giant.

Unfortunately, Foxtails can spread rapidly because of the fact that they produce so many seeds.

While Foxtail was primarily known as being a West Coast weed, in more recent years it’s been popping up all over the country, including in Memphis, TN. It tends to grow in grassland areas and is commonly found along roads or in pastures. But because it can spread, it’s also sometimes popping up in residential lawns.

How to Kill Foxtail Grass

Like other grassy weeds, Foxtail grass is best controlled with the use of pre-emergent controls that will prevent germination in the first place. Pre-emergents work by forming a barrier that prevents germination from occurring.

Lawn care technician treats lawn with pre emergent weed control fertilizer

We can also address any breakthrough Foxtail with post-emergent controls. The goal is to address as much of the Foxtail as possible with pre-emergents and then selectively treat the breakthrough.

But it’s important to remember that pre-emergents must be applied prior to germination in order to be effective. If that window has been missed, then you’ll want to talk about how to get rid of Foxtail grass most effectively with a lawn care pro. Digging it out and starting fresh could make the most sense if you have a large patch of it.

A Healthy Lawn that Defends Against Invaders

A weed control program that includes an array of products intended to address different types of weeds is important. But growing a thick and healthy lawn that will begin to defend itself against weeds should also be a long-term goal.

lawn care technician spreads liquid fertilizer

This means utilizing a lawn care program that includes important services like ongoing lawn fertilization, limestone and calcium applications, insect control, and disease control treatments. That’s because one of the best ways to defend against invasive weeds is to have a thick and healthy lawn that doesn’t allow these invaders a chance to creep in.

Weeds often perform best in lawns that are already struggling. This would include lawns that have bare spots due to insect or disease problems. After all, weeds are competing with your healthy grass plants for their needs (sun, water, and oxygen). If your turf is healthy it’s going to crowd out many of these invaders.

lawn care technician aerates lawn

This is why we also recommend lawn aeration and overseeding as part of a defensive strategy against weeds, including Foxtail grass. This service will help to promote that thick and healthy lawn that you desire by filling in bare spots and strengthening your lawn’s natural defense.

Your Weed Wishes are Our Command

At the end of the day, one of the important things to remember is that there is not a singular approach to weed control.

An effective program needs to address the specific weeds on your property whether that be Foxtail grass, or something else. Most lawns are made up of a variety of weeds, which is why a variety of controls is important.

lamp sitting in lawn with weeds

A single product can’t just deal with everything.

At Master Lawn, we are ready to help dealing with your weed wishes, which we know is to get rid of them! On top of utilizing a wide array of products, including pre-emergent, post-emergent, and specialty controls when needed, we also have a full lawn care program that will promote a thick and healthy lawn to naturally defend against weeds. Ultimately, it is your wise choice in lawn care companies that will make the biggest difference of all.

Healthy lawn with lawn care services

By selecting a lawn care company that will take a customized approach to your lawn, while also focusing on improving its overall health, you’ll be able to get rid of Foxtail grass—along with any other weeds that are plaguing your lawn. You don’t have to let the weeds win.

You can take back control of your lawn and get back to enjoying it to the fullest.

Ready to win the battle against pesky lawn weeds in your Memphis, TN or Northern Mississippi lawn? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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