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How to Control Early Spring Lawn Weeds in Memphis, TN and Northern Mississippi

Getting a jumpstart on spring lawn weed control is really important when it comes to ensuring that your lawn isn’t overrun. Spring lawn weeds are a major problem here in Memphis, TN, and Northern Mississippi, where our winter weather is often short and mild.

There are many early spring weeds that pop up as soon as the temperatures seem to heat up. Weeds like crabgrass, dallisgrass, and fireweed can be some of the first to emerge.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to control early spring lawn weeds so that your lawn doesn’t end up completely overtaken by these eyesores.

How to Stop Weeds in Early Spring in Memphis, TN, and Northern Mississippi

In order to understand how to control early spring lawn weeds in Memphis, TN, and Northern Mississippi, you must first understand how weed control works. Weed control products work by interfering with weed growth either by blocking photosynthesis and protein production or by destroying or inhibiting root formation.

Weed control products are either pre-emergent or post-emergent and will be applied at different times of the year.

lawn care technician spraying for weeds

As far as how to stop weeds in early spring, pre-emergents are absolutely imperative. These are products that inhibit root formation (the latter of the two described above).

Pre-emergent controls are applied to the soil before the weeds even begin to emerge. These products work by creating a barrier that will prevent germination from occurring. But the timing of application is critical to the success of pre-emergent products. If they are applied after weeds have already germinated, they simply won’t work.

lawn care technician spraying lawn

For instance, for crabgrass pre-emergents, they must be applied before soil temperatures reach 55 degrees (the typical soil temperature at which crabgrass begins to germinate).

That’s why Master Lawn is constantly keeping a close watch on soil temperatures in the region as it can vary from year to year when the optimal time to apply product would be.

Spraying Lawn for Weeds in Spring

While pre-emergent controls are a really important part of spring lawn weed control, there is always going to be some breakthrough (even if your lawn care technician had optimal timing for application).

That’s why post-emergent weed control products are also important to spot-treat any weeds that broke through that barrier.

Of course, pre-emergents do not address all weeds. There are also early spring broadleaf weeds, like fireweed, which require broadleaf weed control.

lawn care technician spraying for weeds

This behooves the importance of a weed control program that is thorough and varied. It should include different weed control products used for both different weed types as well as different times of the year.

The fact is, different weeds require different control approaches, including not only how many applications are needed but also what products are used. If you are working with a weed control company that is attempting to take a blanket approach and not switching up products or customizing the solution to your lawn, then you’re simply going to get stuck in a rut of dealing with weeds.

z sprayer putting down liquid fertilizer on grass

After all, soon those early spring weeds will be joined by late spring weeds—and before you know it there will be summer weeds to contend with.

It just doesn’t stop, which is why it’s so important to not only get ahead of the problem with early spring weed controls (like pre-emergents) but to stick with an ongoing program.

Can I Stop Weeds in Early Spring on my Own?

As you think about how to stop weeds in early spring, you might be wondering if this is something you can just tackle on your own.

While there is nothing stopping you from DIY weed control, it is something that we would advise against if you care about getting the best results.

customer diy lawn care

Here are some of the reasons why your best bet is to opt for a professional lawn weed control program.

  • Product Effectiveness: The weed control products that you can pick up at the big box store or your local hardware store are not going to be as powerful as the professional-grade products used by a licensed lawn care technician. Effectiveness is important when it comes to dealing with aggressive weeds here in Memphis, TN, and Northern MS.
  • Proper Application: Of course, it’s not just the product effectiveness that matters but also the way in which products are applied. Lawn care technicians are going to be highly trained and skilled at knowing how to handle and apply products. For instance, at Master Lawn we use different spray tips for different applications because the droplet size really does matter in terms of effectiveness. Similarly, a trained technician is going to know which products to use on which weeds. As we mentioned, it often takes a customized approach.
  • Access to a Complete Program: The other reason that you are going to get better results with a professional is the fact that they’re not just handling weed control but other services like fertilization, aeration, and overseeding. These ultimately have an impact on weed control (even though not directly addressing it). That’s because they are playing a role in thickening the lawn which will begin to naturally choke out weeds.

Remaining Diligent with Weed Control Because the Weeds Don’t Take a Break

The most important point that we can make is to emphasize that weed control must be an ongoing solution.

Although there are some weeds that might be able to be knocked back with just one treatment, others are quite persistent and are just going to keep coming.

Dallisgrass weeds in lawn 7

Many grassy weeds, for instance, are going to require repeated controls and might need both pre-and post-emergents to keep them in check.

While we wish we could tell you that once we address weeds, they’ll never return, that simply is not the case. As you probably already know, different seasons also bring different weeds so it really never ends. Our mild climate means that we can never fully rest when it comes to the fight against weeds.

Healthy lawn with lawn care services

On top of that, you also want to make sure that you have a lawn care program that focuses on good, year-round turf health. As we mentioned above, this is a major benefit of working with a lawn care professional. This ultimately ends up being a key component of successful weed control. Since weeds tend to thrive best in lawns that are thin and unhealthy, nothing crowds out weed growth like thick and healthy grass.

This is true not only for early spring lawn weeds but for the various weeds that we deal with year-round.

Choosing a Lawn Weed Service in Memphis, TN or Northern Mississippi

When it comes to choosing someone to help you address not only spring lawn weed control but year-round weed control, you want to choose wisely.

Even amongst professionals, there are going to be some that take more effective approaches than others. Sadly, there are a number of companies that take a one-size-fits-all approach to weed control that just isn’t going to get you the optimal results you are looking for.

Fortunately, by making a wise choice in lawn care companies, you can start to win the battle against stubborn weeds (not only in the early spring but all year long). By selecting a lawn care company that will take a customized approach to your lawn, while also focusing on improving its overall health, you’ll be able to get better control over your lawn and start seeing the results that you desire.

Do you want weed control that really works? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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Michael Hatcher

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