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Southern Spray Lawn Care vs. Master Lawn: Comparing 2 Lawn Services in Memphis, TN & N. Mississippi

When it comes to finding a lawn care company, there is no shortage of options in Memphis, TN and Northern Mississippi. While it’s great to have choices, it can also make it difficult to narrow down the options. You might be wondering what makes one lawn care company so different from another?

The truth is, there are actually quite a few factors that can differ from company to company and the best way to narrow the playing field and make a choice is to start comparing companies side-by-side.

In order to get the process started for you, we’re comparing Southern Spray Lawn Care to Master Lawn as we recognize that these might be 2 of several lawn care companies that you may be considering.

Who is Southern Spray Lawn Care?

Founded in 1972, Southern Spray is a locally-owned and operated lawn care business. It has offices in both Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. There aren’t too many other specifics about the company mentioned on their website. 

It is always helpful to read the “About Us” page when trying to learn a little bit more about a lawn care company but Southern Spray Lawn Care’s about page is a bit vague. They talk about offering a service guarantee and about offering personalized service but don’t get into much beyond that.

Researching Lawn Services in Memphis, TN and Northern Mississippi

When considering lawn services from any lawn care company, one of the first things that you should research is their full list of service offerings. After all, that’s why you’re hiring them! 

In looking at their service list online, Southern Spray Lawn Care’s services appear to be varied. They list out lawn care, aeration and seeding, tree and shrub care, grub control, flea and tick control, vegetation management, Christmas decorating, and “additional services.” 

In terms of lawn care, they appear to have two lawn care programs. The details are not terribly clear and there is no package pricing listed. In other words, it’s hard for potential customers to understand what they’ll be getting (and for what price).

In contrast to what Southern Spray offers, at Master Lawn, we have 3 different lawn care programs at 3 different price points so that you can choose what best suits your needs.

Master Lawn lawn care programs and pricing

Another big difference is the fact that Master Lawn has a sister company, Michael Hatcher & Associates, which allows us to perform services outside of the scope of a typical lawn care company. 

This can be beneficial as we recognize that other needs do come up which often go hand-in-hand with lawn care services. While we aren’t stretched too thin by trying to be “all things to all people” with our lawn care company, we can call on our sister company when those additional services are needed. 

For instance, perhaps you have an area of your lawn where grass just isn’t growing. No matter how many lawn treatments we put down, if it’s a shaded area where grass won’t grow well, it’s never going to fully fill in. So, we could bring in Michael Hatcher & Associates to install planting beds or extended mulch in those areas. This gives you more options.

Comparing Online Reviews

Another important step to take in researching lawn care companies in Memphis, TN or Northern Mississippi is to compare their online reviews. This will help give you a sense of what other customers (both past and current) have to say about the company.

As you look at online reviews, consider not only the number of stars that a company was given (on a 5-point scale) but also how many people have reviewed the company. 

Keep in mind that it is more difficult to maintain a high rating with so many people reviewing you. 

We’ve already performed this task for Southern Spray Lawn Care vs. Master Lawn so that you can compare their reviews side-by-side.

Southern Spray Lawn Care Google Reviews

3.1-star rating based on 27 reviews

Master Lawn Google Reviews

4.7-star rating based on 75 reviews

Making a Wise Decision for Lawn Care Services in Memphis, TN or Northern MS

Though we know that it can be time-consuming to go through the research, we commend you for putting in the effort to compare lawn care companies side-by-side. And now that you understand some of the factors that you should be comparing, the process should be a little easier for you. 

Master Lawn lawn care technician helping customer in Memphis, TN

When the time comes, your hard work will pay off by allowing you to feel confident that you’ve chosen wisely amongst companies and are receiving the best possible lawn care results because of that wise decision. 

It’s probably clear to you now that lawn care companies can be quite different in terms of what they offer and even the level of customer service they provide. Paying attention to what other customers have to say about any lawn care company that you’re considering along with performing your own research so that you understand what they have to offer will go a really long way to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your final decision.

Ready to learn why Master Lawn could be your choice for the best lawn care company in Memphis, TN or Northern MS? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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Michael Hatcher

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