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4 Fall Lawn Care Tips For a Lush Lawn in Memphis, TN

While spring tends to get a lot of lawn care attention, fall lawn maintenance is critically important. Performing fall lawn treatments and tasks will be what sets you up for a better spring when the new growing season does roll around.

Still, you might be wondering, What should I do to my lawn in the fall?

We know that many homeowners have no idea what fall lawn maintenance tasks are most important. That’s why we’re talking about fall lawn care and how to keep your lawn on track during these months.

Here are some of our best fall lawn care tips for Memphis homeowners.

1. Aeration and Overseeding

One of the most important fall lawn maintenance tasks that you can have performed is aeration and overseeding. Aeration has been called the “secret to a healthy lawn,” because it’s such an effective service with numerous benefits including breaking up thatch, recycling nutrients and improving microbial life, and addressing soil compaction.

The best time to aerate and overseed is in the fall because the weather conditions are ideal. The soil is still warm but the air is a bit cooler, which is perfect for new seed germination.

Lawn technician aerating lawn

Overseeding at the time of aeration is also important because it will provide the optimal “seed-to-soil contact” that is needed for new grass growth. In other words, the seeds will fall into the holes that were created rather than just sitting atop the soil. This will help ensure that your new grass has the best possible growing conditions.

2. For Fall Lawn Treatments, Late Summer/Early Fall Fertilization Will Help Your Lawn Prep for Winter

Our last fertilization treatment of the season means going lower on the nitrogen to help your grass start prepping for the winter months. Ultimately, you want your lawn to have a strong, healthy root system as it heads into those winter months. This late summer/early fall treatment can provide that.

fall lawn care fertilization

In addition, we’ll also work fungicide treatments into the late summer/early fall treatments in order to address some of the common fungal diseases known to plague lawns in Memphis, TN. Like so many other elements on the lawn care schedule, the exact timing is weather-dependent.

3. Fall Lawn Maintenance Should Include a Final Mow

When it comes to fall lawn care in Memphis, a final mow is also important. How you leave your lawn for the approaching winter can make a difference. On the last mow, we recommend cutting to a height of around 3.5 to 4 inches to give the grass a thick canopy before heading into the winter.

lawn technician mowing lawn in fall

In Memphis, TN, the mowing season typically wraps up around October or early November. When our sister company, Michael Hatcher & Associates, handles this service, they usually perform the final mow in October.

4. Fall Lawn Maintenance Should Include Debris Cleanup

Finally, excess debris including leaves, twigs, and fallen branches can become problematic in the fall. We would also recommend having leaf and debris removal performed in the fall so that you aren’t leaving a bunch of material laying in your yard, causing trouble.

Debris cleanup definitely gives your property an instant aesthetic boost. But it’s also important for your lawn’s overall health. Getting debris like leaves up and off of the ground discourages creatures like rodents and insects from making their home in your turf. Fallen debris definitely creates a habitat for these pests.

lawn care fall cleanup

Keep in mind that heavy leaf coverage can also have an impact on fall lawn treatments, so you want to make sure debris is picked up for this reason, too.

Getting Some Help With Fall Lawn Care in Memphis

While some homeowners enjoy working on their lawns in the fall, when the weather is a bit cooler, you don’t have to tackle all of this on your own. Master Lawn handles fall lawn treatments and aeration and overseeding to help get your lawn in its best condition.

We also have a sister company, Michael Hatcher & Associates, which can handle additional fall lawn maintenance tasks such as mowing and debris removal.

At the end of the day, there is a season to each and every lawn and landscaping task out there, and you want to make sure that you’re performing them when it’s best. The right lawn and landscaping schedule will help keep your property on track no matter what the time of year. And if you sign up for a full-service program, then rather than having to worry about what service is best performed when, you can feel confident that your whole property is in good hands.

That means that all you’ll have to do is enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful lawn (and landscape, too).

If you’re ready to get on a lawn care schedule that takes your worries away no matter what the time of year, then let us help you. Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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