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Chandlers Turf Pro vs. Master Lawn: 2 Lawn Care Service Options for Memphis, TN

If you’re looking for lawn care in Memphis, TN, you have plenty of lawn care services to choose from. We’re not naive in knowing that we have plenty of worthy competition and are not your only choice. We’ve written on comparing lawn care companies in the past because we believe as a wise consumer you should weigh your options and make the choice that is best for you.

Of course, we also understand that beginning the process of researching service providers can feel daunting, particularly if you’re not really sure how to compare one company to another. What really makes lawn care companies all that different?

On the surface, many lawn care companies may appear similar, however, everything from how they package lawn care services to the actual makeup of the company can really differ. That means your experience (and your results) can also differ.

Nice lawn care for by lawn care service company

That’s why it’s important to put the time in and do your research. 

One company that may have come up on your radar is Chandler’s Turf Pro in Memphis, TN. Since we know that you might be comparing them against Master Lawn, we’ve gotten the process started for you.

Who is Chandler’s Turf Pro?

We’ll admit that researching Chandler’s Turf Pro is a little bit confusing, as we were a bit unsure about a few things in our own research process. This company appears to have started out as Chandler’s Lawn Service but rebranded with their lawn care specialty division as “Chandler’s Turf Pro”. However, because they kept the old website active, it almost appears as if it’s two different companies. Considering they share the same contact information we do believe these two companies are one in the same. 

According to the website, the company got its start in 1991. Their services include lawn care, shrub care, insect and disease control, and aeration and overseeding. 

They also appear to have two separate divisions (which are possibly separate companies as they have their own websites) for mulching (Chandler’s Mulch Pro) and for sweeping (Chandler’s Sweep Pro). Each of these shares the same telephone number but there are different addresses.

How Do Chandler’s Turf Pro Services Compare to Master Lawn’s?

Comparing Chandler Turf Pro’s services to those of Master Lawn is difficult in that they don’t have much information about these services on their website. 

For instance, we’re not sure how they package their services. At Master Lawn, we structure our lawn care services into 3 programs, so that there is something for every lawn. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Homeowners want (and deserve) to have options.

Master Lawn's lawn care programs

Another thing that does stand out is that they don’t appear to offer pest solutions for mosquitoes or for flea and tick control. They do mention treating lawn and tree and shrub pests and specifically mention mites, aphids, beetles, and lace bugs, but we’re not sure what else they treat for. They do not mention any fire ant control solutions.

Finally, another noticeable difference between Master Lawn and Chandler’s is the fact that Master Lawn has a sister company, Michael Hatcher & Associates, which is a full-service landscaping company. While Chandler’s Turf Pro has the mulching division (or company?), they do not appear to get into additional landscaping services. As the name suggests, Chandler’s Mulch Pro only performs mulching. 

On the flip side, Michael Hatcher & Associates can offer everything from landscape maintenance to irrigation to hardscaping projects and pool construction (and more—including mulching!). That means if you have a service outside of the scope of what Master Lawn can offer, we can still provide you with a seamless solution. 

Our teams work right in the same building. You don’t have to go and start the research process all over again.

Comparing Online Reviews

As you perform your research, another great place to turn is to online reviews. Online reviews provide you with the opportunity to see what other customers have to say about a company that you’re considering. These reviews are typically performed on a 5-star scale. 

Keep in mind that both stars and the number of reviews count. That’s because it is more difficult to maintain a high rating as you receive more and more reviews.

Of course, when it comes to comparing the online reviews of Chandler’s Turf Pro in Memphis to Master Lawn’s online reviews, it once again gets confusing that this company has more than one name.  We did find some reviews listed under Chandler’s Lawn Service (with the same phone number and location as Chandler’s Turf Pro).

Chandler’s Google Reviews

3.3-star rating based on 6 reviews

Master Lawn Google Reviews

4.7-star rating based on 77 reviews

Making your Educated Choice for the Best Experience and Results

There’s no question that it takes time and effort to research and compare lawn care companies in Memphis, TN and we commend you for it. It makes the industry better in the long run! 

Master Lawn lawn care technician applying fertilizer

You ultimately benefit as well by knowing that you’re making a wise choice based on research and education. As a result, you gain peace of mind that you’ve hired a good company and are in good hands. 

At Master Lawn, we are here to help meet all of your needs and to help instill confidence that we’ll treat you right and help you to get the results you’re after. We believe that with the effort you’re putting into researching your options, you deserve nothing less than the best.

Ready to learn why Master Lawn could be your choice for the best lawn care company in Memphis, TN? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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