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Master Lawn vs. Mosquito Authority: 2 Mosquito Services for Memphis, TN

It’s hard to believe that a pest as tiny as the mosquito can wreak so much havoc on your outdoor fun. But if you have a problem with mosquitoes on your property then you know they can be unrelenting. Even if you’ve tried some DIY mosquito remedies, you know they just keep coming back!

Maybe if it was just an annoyance, you could overlook it. But you know that mosquitoes also pose a legitimate threat by being able to carry and transmit deadly diseases like West Nile and Zika.

Mosquito in yard

That’s why you might be looking into mosquito services in Memphis, TN

But in researching your options, you’ve likely learned that you have a variety of choices. Amongst them is Mosquito Authority. You might be wondering how a stand-alone mosquito service like this stacks up to a company like Master Lawn, which also offers lawn care services. In this article, we’re comparing the 2, side-by-side.

Who is Mosquito Authority?

Mosquito Authority is a national franchise with branches across the country. According to the company’s franchising page, they have more than 400 locations. Mosquito Authority Memphis, the closest branch to our area, is actually in Collierville, TN. 

As the name would suggest, Mosquito Authority is a company that offers mosquito services. They also offer tick control. These are the only 2 services listed on their branch website.

How is Mosquito Authority Different from Master Lawn?

The fact that Mosquito Authority is a franchise is certainly one of the biggest differences between their company and Master Lawn. After paying a franchise fee, essentially anyone can become a Mosquito Authority franchise owner, regardless of whether they have experience or not. In fact, many of the franchisee stories show that owners have come from all different industries.

While Mosquito Authority is part of a national system, Master Lawn is an independent business that is locally owned and operated. That means that we only service homes in Memphis, TN and Northern Mississippi (not all around the country). This is important when it comes to truly knowing the area that you’re working in.

Master Lawn mosquito control technician in Memphis, TN

But another huge difference is the fact that Mosquito Authority only focuses on mosquito and tick control. If you’re looking for other outdoor services like lawn care or plant health care, then you’ll have to hire another company. 

Master Lawn is able to offer a full array of lawn care services. But we go a step further than that and have a sister company Michael Hatcher & Associates, which allows us to perform services outside of the scope of a lawn care company. 

This can be valuable in your battle against mosquitoes as it can sometimes be issues with the property itself causing a mosquito problem in the first place. For instance, we can fix grading and drainage issues that might be causing standing water on your property where mosquitoes are hatching their eggs.

At Master Lawn, we are true outdoor experts. While both our company and Mosquito Authority are licensed to treat mosquitoes, we also understand lawns and landscapes as a whole. We’re familiar with the common issues that could arise on your property, which can provide added value while we’re there. After all, mosquitoes are probably not the only issue your property is dealing with. You could have lawn pests or disease, or even tree and shrub problems causing additional concerns. You deserve to have all of your worries addressed.

Making Your Best Mosquito Services Decision

We understand that you want to be able to enjoy your time outdoors instead of feeling as though you’re under attack every time you step outside. For that reason, choosing a company that is going to offer effective mosquito control is key. 

Happy family in lawn with mosquito control services

Of course, you also know that mosquitoes are not necessarily your only outdoor problem and you want a company that can address all of your concerns. Instead of having to take the time to research lawn care companies (or landscape companies) on top of mosquito control companies, you can ultimately have an all-in-one solution that takes care of all your needs. It means getting the most possible value out of your investment.

At Master Lawn, we understand how serious your mosquito concerns are. These pests are obviously a danger to your family and you deserve a solution that will work—as well as one that will give you the most possible value for your investment.

By making this wise choice in Memphis, TN mosquito services, you can win the battle against these troublesome pests. That means you’ll truly be able to enjoy your time outside once again. You deserve that freedom. After all, it is your yard. Take back control today.

Ready to learn why Master Lawn could be your best choice for mosquito control in Olive Branch, MS or Memphis, TN? Talk to a mosquito control expert, learn more about our mosquito control program, and become the master of your lawn.

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