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What Is Usually Included in a Lawn Care Program? What Services to Expect

If you are considering investing in professional lawn care services in Memphis, TN or Northern Mississippi, then you might be wondering what is included in a lawn care program. You might also be looking to understand all of the different terminology you’ve heard. There are terms like lawn care packages, lawn care programs, and lawn care services all thrown around and you just want to have a better understanding of what you’re investing in.

We’re ready to help you take the guesswork out of figuring it all out and give you a better sense not only of what these terms mean, but also what should be included in any package or program you might be signing up for.lawn care technician aerating

What are Lawn Care Packages vs. Lawn Care Services

Lawn care packages (or “lawn care programs,” which can be used interchangeably), are the grouping of a number of services into a single program that’s meant to meet your lawn’s needs.

It can get confusing as some lawn care companies in Memphis, TN and Northern Mississippi do offer all of their services a la carte, meaning that you’d pick and choose the ones that you want and pay for each individually. The problem with this approach is that it turns your lawn care provider into an “order taker,” so to speak.

While some homeowners might think they’re getting a good value by picking and choosing only those services they feel they “need,” the truth is, most homeowners don’t actually have a good understanding of what their lawn truly requires to perform its best. You could end up leaving out a really important service that might not seem like it’s necessary to you.

The main reason a model like this would appeal to people is that they think they can save some money. But most of the time when their lawn isn’t performing well, they end up adding those services anyways and may end up paying more in the long run (particularly if their lawn experienced problems that now need to be fixed).

Since many lawn care services work together, we believe that the homeowner is best-served when a lawn care company offers a complete program. This helps you to feel confident that your lawn is getting everything that it needs at the exact time when it needs it.

What is Included in a Lawn Care Program?

As we mentioned, a lawn care program is a grouping of services put together for the benefit of the homeowner and their lawn. Of course, there can certainly be a fair amount of variation from one company’s lawn care program to another. But we understand you probably also want to know: What does lawn service include?

This is a question that you’ll need to answer with some research. If you’re considering a number of different lawn care companies in Memphis, TN and Northern Mississippi, then you’ll need to take the time to look at their website or ask them about what’s included in their packages. Then you can create a two column list and compare (side-by-side) what services each company is including in its packages.
lawn care technician applying fertilizer
At Master Lawn, we believe that lawn care services are best grouped into lawn care packages at tiered levels which still give homeowners some choice. Even at the basic level (Silver), we’re still including all of the services needed for the most common issues that a lawn faces annually.

At the bare minimum, you want any lawn care program that you’re looking at to include the following three components that your lawn needs.

  • Lawn Fertilization: The use of a professional fertilization product applied at the appropriate times throughout the year will help supply your lawn with the nutrients it is lacking. This is a vital component of any lawn care program.
  • Customized Weed Control: An effective weed control program that targets different weeds at different times of the year (with different controls) is also incredibly important when it comes to an effective program. This includes pre-emergent and post-emergent controls from spring through fall.

Master Lawn has these lawn care services above included in our base level program. A step up from that is our Gold program, which also includes two turf disease control treatments, as well.

The step up from there is our Platinum program which is a hybrid approach that uses organic, bionutritional probiotic soil additives to reduce the need for pesticides. It also includes lawn aeration.Lawn care technician aerating a lawn

Choosing the Best Lawn Care Packages in Memphis, TN and Northern MS

All of this boils down to the fact that you just want to feel confident that your lawn is getting everything that it needs.

When companies do not package services together, it might feel like you’re getting a deal at first. But over time, as you start to realize that your lawn is not performing its best, you may begin to feel like you’re being “nickel and dimed” as you have to keep adding lawn care services.

Ideally, you want your lawn care package to have everything that it needs from the start. The added benefit of this is having a regular eye on your property as trained lawn care technicians come out for their scheduled visits. This is a great way to gain peace of mind that your lawn is in good hands. If a problem is brewing, such as a pest issue, you can also feel confident that it will be caught and addressed early.

At the end of the day, choosing the best lawn care services in Memphis, TN and Northern Mississippi, which are packaged together in a thoughtful way, will help you trust that your lawn care dollars have been invested wisely. Consider your options carefully and remember that we’re always here to help. At Master Lawn, we believe you deserve to have all of the facts so that you can be a wise consumer and decide what’s best for your lawn.

Do you want a lawn care program you can feel confident is giving your lawn everything it needs? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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