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How to Keep Weeds out of Mulch | Memphis, Olive Branch & Southaven

Nobody likes to worry about weeds in the lawn or landscaping around their home. They are an eyesore that can detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. 

Unfortunately, weeds from plant beds can get introduced into lawns and vice versa. We understand how frustrating weeds can be when you really care about the overall look of your property.

This isn’t something that you ought to have to worry about. That’s why you might be wondering how to prevent weeds in the lawn or landscaping around your home in the first place. 

How Do Weeds Spread?

As you think about how to prevent weeds in mulch or in your lawn, you might be considering how weeds spread to these areas in the first place. Sadly, they can spread rather easily. 

Lawn filled with weeds

Wind, water, animals, people, and machines are all potential carriers of weed seeds, which can travel within your own property or even be carried from one property to another. 

While you can’t always prevent seeds from traveling, it is what you do to prevent their growth (or address them when they do breakthrough) that will ultimately make a difference.

Of course, weeds in the lawn and weeds in the mulch are essentially two different topics, so let’s look at each individually. 

How to Prevent Weeds in the Lawn

There are different types of weeds that emerge in the lawn at different times of the year. For this reason, the best plan of attack is a lawn care program that includes weed controls that are changed throughout the year, depending upon what’s growing. 

Lawn filled with crabgrass

In Memphis, Tennessee and Northern Mississippi, there are quite a few lawn weeds that commonly pop up. Pre-emergent controls applied in the spring and fall can reduce many weeds from germinating in the first place. Otherwise, post-emergent weed control products can be used to knock weeds down at the first sign of them.

Many weeds even require specialized control products that will specifically target them. If you are attempting to get rid of weeds but really struggling, there might be a reason why you’re not seeing success. It could be that you’re not treating at the right time or maybe not even using the right product. 

lawn care technician discussing weed control with customer

For these reasons, many homeowners prefer to work with a professional lawn care program and simply know that whatever their lawn needs are covered. 

How to Prevent Weeds in Mulch

While a lot of homeowners recognize that weed control products exist for their lawn, they don’t realize that there are similar products designed for landscaping beds. 

weeds in mulch

Just like in the lawn, an effective approach to weed control in plant beds includes an ongoing rotation of pre-emergent products, which will inhibit weed seeds from germinating. In many cases, these products will take care of a large majority of your weeds. However, post-emergent controls can also be used to address any breakthrough when it occurs.

weeds in mulch plant bed

When people hear about utilizing weed control products in landscaping beds, they often worry about harming the shrubs and flowers that they love. But at Master Lawn, you can rest assured that we use specialized products that will only target the weeds that we’re going after. Our technicians are trained to know what products to use, where to apply them, and when to apply them—as all of these details matter. Since weed control in landscaping can be complicated, many homeowners appreciate the comfort that comes from a professional program.

How to Gain Peace of Mind

When it comes to addressing weeds in the lawn and the landscape, homeowners can easily feel overwhelmed. The needs of these areas can differ, even though they have the ability to impact one another (with weed seeds spreading from one to the other).  

With the right professional lawn care program, you can strengthen lawns helping them to be naturally resistant to weeds in the first place. After all, healthy and thriving turf will help to choke out any weeds that attempt to spread from your plant beds.

Similarly, mulching each year will prevent many weeds and a proactive program can also help prevent and treat them before they get out of hand. 

In the end, all of this adds up to peace of mind. Whether you’ve been trying to fight weeds on your own or you’ve been working with a lawn care company that you feel falls short of the task, it’s something that you likely don’t want to spend any more time worrying about. 

Master Lawn lawn care technician talking to customer

You don’t have to worry any longer.

At Master Lawn, we have solutions that will help address the specific needs of both your lawn and your mulch areas. By investing in these strategies, you’ll be able to cast your worries away knowing that your property (as a whole) is in great hands.

Do you want weed control for your landscaping beds and your lawn that really works? Talk to one of our experts, choose from 3 program options, or add Landscaping Weed & Feed, and become the master of your lawn.

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Michael Hatcher

Michael Hatcher is president of Michael Hatcher & Associates.

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