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How Much Does Tree and Shrub Fertilizing Cost and Do You Really Need It?

We know that you love the trees and shrubs on your property. They are a valuable asset both in terms of looks but also functionality. Some of your trees and shrubs may play a role in creating privacy or shade on your property. Plus, many homeowners tell us that the trees and shrubs on their property hold sentimental value. They may have been planted for a special reason or you’ve watched them grow and change for many years.

For all these reasons and more, you want to see your trees and shrubs thrive.

You might be aware that fertilizing trees and shrubs is one way to keep them healthy. But you might not be sure exactly what that means, why it’s so important, or even what you can expect it to cost to fertilize trees and shrubs.

We want to help you answer those questions so that you can make wise choices for your property. In this article, we’re talking about tree and shrub fertilizing in Memphis, TN and Northern Mississippi and why you need it.Healthy shrubs and trees

Why Do Trees and Shrubs Need Fertilization?

Many people are well aware that flowers and other landscape plants need some extra care to perform their best. But we often find that people assume trees and shrubs are mostly self-sustaining. They don’t tend to get the care that other plants do—but that doesn’t mean they don’t need it.

Trees and shrubs placed in a suburban environment can be stressed and lack the nutrients which would have been available in a typical woodland setting. But by fertilizing trees and shrubs, you provide them what they need (in terms of nutrients) to perform their best.

There are many benefits to fertilizing trees and shrubs.

This includes potentially longer bloom time, more profuse blooms, more vibrant color (even if it’s green), and overall better health.fertilized shrubs

Can I Perform Tree and Shrub Fertilizing Services on my Own?

The next question that you might be asking is whether you can perform DIY tree and shrub fertilization. After all, you might have seen that they sell tree fertilizer options on shelves at the local big box store (the most common being tree fertilizer spikes).

The biggest problem with these DIY options is effectiveness. Most tree and shrub fertilizer spikes sold on the shelf to consumers are not going to get the nutrients deep enough into the soil to be effective. They also tend to concentrate the nutrients to a few small areas instead of reaching the root system as a whole.

In order to get the most benefit from fertilizing trees and shrubs, you want the nutrients to reach the roots and be dispersed throughout the entire plant.

It’s also worth noting that the tree and shrub fertilization products sold at big box stores are not going to be comparable to the high-quality, professional-grade product that a pro will have access to. This is important as better products mean better results.

How Much Does Tree and Shrub Fertilizing Cost?

You might also want to know about the cost to fertilize trees and shrubs, and whether it’s worth investing in professional care.

We would suggest looking at it from the perspective of what you have to lose if your trees and shrubs decline.

The cost to replace dead or declining trees and shrubs is not cheap. Plus, you have to deal with the hassles and aggravation involved when this occurs. When your plants are not properly protected, you risk time and aggravation that is associated with their decline.

This includes time involved in finding a professional to come in and remove the dead or dying plants and install new ones. You’ll also need to deal with the hassles involved with having a gap in your landscape where that plant material is now gone. Plus, there is extra time involved in caring for a new tree or shrub.

Ultimately, it would be a lot less expensive (plus fewer hassles and headaches) to invest in protecting your trees and shrubs in the first place.
Plant health care technician taking care of shrubs and trees
At Master Lawn, tree and shrub fertilizing services are part of our Plant Health Care program. Those services start at $40, depending upon the size of your property as well as how many (and what type) trees and shrubs you have.

Protect Your Investment with Plant Health Care

At the end of the day, tree and shrub fertilization is just one of several important services included in plant health care. There are also preventative and curative disease and insect control options. This is incredibly important given the destructive disease and tree and shrub pests that are common in our area.

Instead of having to worry about these, you can know that your trees and shrubs are getting what they need to prevent issues. The truth is, it could cost you way more money if your plants end up succumbing to pests, diseases, or environmental stressors than paying to prevent these problems.

We know you’ve invested heavily in your landscape—and it’s important to you. It only makes sense to protect that investment with the best plant health care services in Memphis, TN or Northern Mississippi.

Ready to invest in protecting your plants’ health at your Memphis, TN or Northern Mississippi home? Request a quote, get your customized plan, and become the master of your landscape.
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