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5 Best Mosquito Control Services in Olive Branch, MS: Compare Your Options

Mosquitoes may be relatively tiny in size, but when it comes to the problems they can cause, they start to feel a whole lot bigger. In terms of being a nuisance and a threat, mosquitoes are some serious troublemakers. Not only do they cause annoying bites that can itch and sting, but they can also carry and transmit potentially deadly diseases like Zika and West Nile.

Because of all that, when it comes to choosing mosquito control companies in or around Olive Branch, MS, you want to know that you’re choosing the best.

Of course, a quick search will reveal that you have a variety of options when it comes to mosquito control companies. How do you start to narrow it down?

We’ve rounded up some of the best mosquito control services in Northern Mississippi, so that you can compare your options.Mosquito control technician spraying  in Olive branch, MS

Best Mosquito Control Services in Olive Branch, MS

Here are some of the options that you have as you look for mosquito control companies in or around Olive Branch, MS.

Green King Spray Services

The best place to start researching any company that you’re considering is on their website. Green King Spray Services is a company that got its start when two friends joined forces in 2001. According to their website, Green King provides five main services, one being their MistAway service for mosquito control.

MistAway is a very different approach from how Master Lawn tackles mosquitoes. Green King will install a misting system that comes from a national manufacturer (they are a dealer for this system).

At Master Lawn, we come out and perform applications using our organic mosquito control product. In our seven Mosquito Control visits, we target common resting areas for these pests and create a customized plan that will work best for your property.

Lawn Jox

According to their website, Lawn Jox got its start in 2006 as a lawn mowing service. Today, they have expanded into other service offerings, including mosquito control. One thing that is different from Master Lawn is their service area, as they appear to have a branch in Arkansas (as well as servicing Memphis, TN and Northern MS).

The website states that they offer a comprehensive mosquito and pest control plan (through what they call their “Mosquito Plus” program). They do also say that they will evaluate each property to determine where problem spots are (like drainage ditches, stagnant water, and tall grasses). We like that they are taking a customized approach as that’s something that Master Lawn does, too.

We can’t provide much more in terms of specifics on their mosquito control program as they don’t share them on their website from what we can see.

Mosquito Joe

In your search for Mosquito control services in Northern Mississippi, we’re sure you have also come across the “Mosquito Joe” name. Mosquito Joe of East Memphis is the local franchise of this national company.

In fact, the company as a whole has more than 125 franchise locations across 33 states. For as little as $30,000 in start-up costs, almost anyone can start a Mosquito Joe franchise.

One of the biggest differences between Master Lawn and Mosquito Joe is that while we are both licensed to treat mosquitoes, Master Lawn can also handle lawn care and tree and shrub care, as well. This adds value as technicians are also trained to spot other potential problems on your property such as disease or even lawn pests that might be causing damage.

Mosquito Shield of Memphis

Of the mosquito control companies, this is another big name. Mosquito Shield is a national franchise with branches across the country. The company got its start in 2001.According to their website, they are located in more than 20 different states. Mosquito Shield of Memphis, TN is the local branch in our area.

As you would suspect, Mosquito Shield offers mosquito control. They also have a tick control program. But their services do not extend beyond these two options.

Master Lawn

One of the nice benefits of using the Mosquito Control program from Master Lawn is that we can also handle your lawn care and tree and shrub care needs—and we have a full-service connection with our sister company, Michael Hatcher & Associates.

This means that we can also tackle services like tree work, sodding, or even total design/build services. But, this might even come into play with your mosquito problem. Sometimes a mosquito issue is stemming from a larger problem on your property, such as a drainage concern that needs to be addressed. If it’s a problem like this, no amount of mosquito control product is going to truly help until the root cause is fixed.Pest control technician spraying mosquito control

Making Your Wise Choice in Mosquito Control Companies in or Around Olive Branch, MS

At the end of the day, any one of these 5 companies could probably help you deal with mosquitoes. But your property is so much more than that. You have greater needs and you want a company that can handle them all.

Plus, if your mosquito problem is stemming from an issue with your landscape, you want to be sure that’s addressed so that you actually start to make progress with your investment in a mosquito control service.
Pest control technician applying mosquito control
By taking the time to research your options like you’re doing, you can feel confident you are choosing the best mosquito control service in Olive Branch, MS for ALL your needs.

And with all the work you’re putting in, you deserve to gain the peace of mind that you’ve hired a good company and are in good hands.

At Master Lawn, we are here to help meet all of your needs and ensure that you have continued confidence in our abilities. After all, with all of the effort you’ve put into finding the right company, we feel that you deserve to be able to kick up your feet, relax, and know that your mosquito worries are being taken care of.

Ready to learn why Master Lawn could be your best choice for mosquito control in Olive Branch, MS or Memphis, TN? Talk to a mosquito control expert, learn more about our mosquito control program, and become the master of your lawn.

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