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4 Benefits of Flea & Tick Yard Control Services for Memphis Homeowners

There’s nothing more frustrating than having time outdoors cut short because of pests. Fleas and ticks are two pests that Memphis homeowners find frustrating. We agree and believe that you ought to be able to enjoy the outdoors without worries.

According to information from the CDC, Tennessee is one of the five states in which 60 percent of all cases of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever occur. So, we understand that these pests can be a big deal.

Flea and tick control for your yard is one effective solution. If you’re planning to treat your yard for fleas and ticks, you might be wondering about some of the key benefits. In this article, we’ll talk about what you can expect.

Benefits of Yard Flea and Tick Control Services

There are various products on the market to address fleas and ticks. Repellent sprays and DIY control products are two of the popular options. But there are some key lawn flea and tick control benefits to going with a pro.

Here are some to consider.

1. Greater Effectiveness

One of the key benefits of yard flea and tick control services is that a professional control product is going to be a lot more effective than anything you purchase or make on your own.

While there are lots of concoctions and potions out there that you can whip up in your kitchen, these are simply not going to be powerful enough to be a big-picture solution. We’ve seen everything from rosemary and peppermint sprays to lemon and baking soda mixes. Vinegar is also said to repel fleas.

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But when it comes to truly protecting your family (including the furry, four-legged members) from fleas and ticks, a DIY concoction is probably not going to be powerful enough.

At Master Lawn, we are using a professional-grade, highly effective product that is applied by trained and skilled technicians who know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to application rates, where to apply, and how often to treat. This type of approach simply can’t stand up to a DIY one.

2. Not Having to Coat Yourself in a Spray

Another benefit of yard flea and tick control services is that you don’t have to cover yourself and your family members in repellent spray every time you want to go out and enjoy your yard.

We know that people don’t really love putting these chemicals on themselves or their kids and having to regularly re-apply to ensure effectiveness. But with a flea and tick control product applied around the yard (in areas that are key habitats), you can avoid this annoyance.

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That being said, we do want to mention that we don’t want our yard flea and tick control to take the place of any recommendations that your veterinarian has already made for your pet.

Fleas and ticks can be dangerous for our pets and we always recommend following through on any treatments that your vet recommends. This will go a long way in keeping your furry family members safe. It’s really important to remember that even if you are using professional flea spray in your yard, your pet could pick up fleas at another location. So, you want to make sure you listen to your veterinarian’s advice.

It’s also important to remember that fleas and ticks that are already on your pet or inside of your home will not be addressed by our applications. If you have an existing problem with your pet (or inside of your home), you’ll need to take separate steps to fix those issues.

3. Taking the Burden Off Your Shoulders

When you invest in professional flea and tick control for your yard, you also remove the burden from your own shoulders. There’s a lot of relief in that.

For one, you don’t have to run out to the store and pick up products you’ll need to treat your yard, yourself. Keep in mind that flea and tick season in Memphis, TN typically runs from April to October, so that’s a pretty long time period to keep up with control. According to the Tennessee Department of Health, June through August is when the highest incidences of Lyme Disease occur in our state.

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By handing flea and tick control over to a pro, you also won’t have to give up your precious weekend time to be outside applying products. Multiple applications of products are needed (even by a professional). The flea and tick population rebounds due to prolific redproduction. One visit might do okay for a while but after about 30 to 35 days, the population rebounds and you are back to where you started from.

4. Gain Peace of Mind When You Treat Your Yard For Fleas and Ticks

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of yard flea and tick control services is that you’ll gain peace of mind. Instead of worrying when you and your family spend time outside, you can feel confident that your property is being protected.

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Our flea and tick yard treatment will help drastically reduce the populations of these pests.

That adds up to spending more time outside and worrying less!

Working with Master Lawn to Treat Your Yard for Fleas and Ticks

By treating outside of your home, the goal is to keep fleas and ticks from ever having the opportunity to make their way inside. It will also give you the confidence you enjoy your yard again without worrying about these pests hanging around, looking for their next meal.

In the end, that means taking back control of your yard.

You can get back to spending time outdoors without risking the health of your family or your pets. By implementing a professional control program, you can gain valuable peace of mind.

Ready to say goodbye to fleas and ticks at your Memphis, TN or Northern MS home? Talk to an expert, learn more about adding our flea and tick program to one of our 3 lawn care programs, and become the master of your lawn!

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