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Lawn Care Technician Career Advice: 3 Tips to Advance Your Career in Memphis

Are you someone who is looking into lawn care technician jobs in Memphis, TN? Whether you’re coming from within the lawn care industry or maybe you’re switching careers, you might be wondering what opportunities are out there. In fact, you might be wondering if there will be an opportunity to advance your career if you choose a lawn care technician job.

The truth is, the lawn care industry can be an amazing place to work. But the key is finding the right company. Not all lawn care technician careers are created equally. You want to find a company that is going to truly value you and set you up for success from the very start.

Here are 3 things to look for so that you know you’re on the right track.lawn care technician applying fertilizer

1. Look for a Lawn Care Company that Promotes from Within

If you’re serious about having a career that you can build upon in the lawn care industry, then you’ll want to seek out a lawn care company in Memphis that promotes from within. Unfortunately, this is not how all companies operate. Many have a revolving door of employees because they’re not offering solid opportunities for growth.

But Master Lawn is different. We love promoting from within and we want to create an environment in which our team members are here for the long haul. You’ll notice that we have long-time, tenured team members working for us—something relatively uncommon in the lawn care industry. It’s not surprising for our clients to really get to know the team members working on their lawns.

One growth path may be starting at our company with mowing and then advancing to a lawn care technician career.Hatcher employee mowing

2. Seek Out a Company that Will Provide the Necessary Training

It’s not uncommon for people to feel intimidated by the idea of growing into new roles. Perhaps you are someone who has mowed lawns before but you’ve never held a lawn care technician job. Making that switch might sound like a huge leap.

The key to making it smooth is finding a company that takes training seriously. With the right support and training it is absolutely possible to grow and learn new skills.

Unfortunately, plenty of lawn care companies talk about training but they don’t always follow through. Without the proper training, you won’t be set up for success or advancement.

That’s why at Master Lawn, we take training incredibly seriously. We know that it costs more to have better-trained technicians on staff but that’s an investment we’re willing to make. We believe there’s no better investment than one that’s made in our people.
lawn care technician spraying for weeds
We’re not going to just throw you into a role. We’re going to make sure that you learn everything you need to know to be successful. In fact, all of our technicians become licensed applicators. That’s a big difference from most other companies that just register their lawn care technicians with the state.

3. Find a Company Where You can be Happy in a Lawn Care Technician Career

Finally, when it comes to advancing and growing, we would be remiss in not talking about finding a company where you can truly be happy. The last thing that you want is to get stuck in a job that you feel is a dead-end. You want to be somewhere that you have opportunities to climb the career ladder. But you also want to be somewhere where you’ll be happy and fulfilled. After all, your job is the place where you spend so much of your time and energy. In the end, that should be a positive thing.

One thing to seek out as you look for a career where you can be happy is a place that has a positive company culture.

At Master Lawn, we believe that when you’re happier at work during the day, you’re happier at home, too. We take the fostering of company culture quite seriously and we do so by hiring strong team members that will contribute positively to our workplace. We also achieve it with a solid focus on education and training (as talked about above) and a positive attitude from the top down.Master Lawn Team

We are not the type of company that will be micromanaging its people. We give our lawn care technicians the support and training they need but we also give them the autonomy and independence to get their work done without constantly looking over their shoulder.

Another aspect of being happy at work has to do with being fairly paid. We know that there are a lot of rumors that lawn care jobs pay poorly and while this may be the case at some companies, that’s definitely not the case everywhere.

At Master Lawn, we do find that we often pay more than most of our competitors (but that’s because we expect more, too). We start our hourly rate at $15 or $16 an hour in most cases—sometimes more. Plus, there is an opportunity to earn more over time. This is important when it comes to a long-term opportunity that won’t become stagnant. Your earning potential can grow with you in this career.

All of this boils down to being a place where people are happy to come to work, feel supported, and feel fulfilled. We’re looking to help team members build careers.

Choosing a Lawn Care Technician Career with Master Lawn

When it comes to choosing a career path, we understand that you may be nervous. You want to make sure that you’re making wise choices that will set you up for success.

Here at Master Lawn, we are growing, and with that growth comes continual new opportunities for our people. That makes this a place where you can climb the career ladder and make it more than just a job—it can become a career.

If that sounds of interest, then we’d love to talk! We have many long-term members of our team who have been growing with us for years. We’d love for you to become one of them.

Are you looking for a lawn care technician job in Memphis where you can become a long-term member of the team? Learn more about developing a career with Master Lawn.

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Michael Hatcher

Michael Hatcher is president of Michael Hatcher & Associates.

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